Farrah Abraham - Fired From MTV Teen Mom

animated gif farrah abraham

MTV has taken the ultimatum given by its audience regarding Farrah Abraham in their popular show Teen Mom. Farah has been fired on grounds of vulgarity and horrible stunts that made her on the hitlist of the viewers and the makers. It was reported that if MTV Teen Mom’s show makers had not fired this mom turned raunchy porn star, other moms would have voluntarily walked out of the show, and this is something MTV could not afford under any circumstances.

Farrah Abraham is already on the hate list of many production houses, which also includes her legal war with Vivid Entertainment, a porn production company. Farrah threatened them to reveal their secrets in her upcoming book, “Celebrity Sex Tape”. The company has sued the young porn star for breaching her confidentiality agreement with the production house, when they had already bought the right for her porn movie. Farrah also had many people on the show that wanted her gone and one shouldn't feel surprised if she seems missing on the show.

Here are a few screenshots from the Farrah Abraham sex tape:

cumshot facial

A Teen Mom ho fo' sho.